1st Generation

Frank Beelman, Sr.

Beelman Truck Co. was started in 1906 by Frank Beelman, Sr., who began this business by hauling coal and ice in St. Louis, MO with two teams of horse-drawn wagons. The ice was delivered to households and businesses for cooling purposes before the refrigerator and freezer was a staple in the home. Coal was delivered in the winter for residential and commercial heating. 

In 1917, Frank Sr. purchased a farm in St. Libory, IL and moved there with his family. In 1928 he purchased a general store in St. Libory and with a 1926 Chevrolet truck started hauling produce to St. Louis and returned with supplies for his store, and others located in Belleville, Freeburg and Fayetteville, IL. With the purchase of two more trucks, hauling to the local farmers began with limestone from railroad cars in 1934 and from the quarries in 1935. In 1939 he began to haul garbage from the St. Louis restaurants to feed his 700 hogs. 

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Dispatch: Dumps (618) 646-5325, Pneumatics (618) 646-5336

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East St. Louis, IL 62205, USA

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