Find Employee Information at Our Illinois Truck Dealership

Our Payroll System

Paycor, Inc. is the service provider of our payroll and human resources software.

All Beelman Truck Company employees will use their website to view your check stubs and tax documents.

You will need to register for access to Paycor at the following web address:

Tell us who you are.

You’ll need to enter a few pieces of personal information so we can verify your identify.

  1. Enter your last name and access code               

              103825 – Beelman Truck Company

              You may also need to enter your social security number and birth date.


Create your account.

If you have previously created other accounts, you can merge this account’s access code by signing in when prompted, bypassing the steps below. Otherwise, create a new account by choosing a user name and password you’ll be able to recall later.

  1. Enter a user name, email address and password that you’ll use for signing in.


Complete your registration.

You will receive an email containing a verification code to the email address you entered.

  1. Enter the verification code when prompted to complete your registration.

  2. Select and answer a few security questions that can be used if you forget your user name or password.

Online Safety Training Center

Step 1:

Go to the Training Website Once the website loads, left click on the “Training Center” link.

Step 2:

Type in your username and password, then click on “Login”.

Username: (use your driver code – first 3 letters of last name & first 3 letters of first name) 

Password: (use first initial of first and last name & last 4 digits of Social Security #) 

Verify it is you then click Go To Classroom

Problems Logging in? Call 877-792-3866

Step 3:

Choose an assignment by clicking on the + symbol on the left. To start the video click on the Module Name you wish to view. The video will play automatically until completion.

Step 5:

Test questions will appear automatically following the video. Answer all questions to complete training.  Once you have passed the test, this training will be removed from your classroom.

VOYA Retirement Information (401K)

To get started click here,

You will need to enter the following information to log onto the site:

Plan Number: 873129

Verification  Number: 873129999

The VOYA Enrollment Center includes a suite of information and tools at your fingertips to help you make some important decisions about saving and investing for retirement, plus a link for enrolling in your Plan. When you are ready, click “Enroll Now” to begin the enrollment  process.

To begin the enrollment process, you will be asked for your nine-digit SSN and you may be asked for your Personal Identification Number   (PIN). If required, your PIN is initially set as the 4-digit month and year of your birth (MMYY).

For example, if you were born in January, 1972, your PIN would be   0172.


Transparency in Coverage – Machine Readable Files

The Transparency in Coverage Final Rule requires disclosure of the negotiated rates with in-network providers and the historic allowed amounts paid to out-of-network providers, for all health plans available to employers.  Files containing this information for the plans covered are published on this page. The files may be large and download times may be significant. Internet speed, browser, and computer hardware may impact your download time/speed. Depending on your operating system, you may need to download a tool to open.  There are various tools available on the internet; some are free and some are at cost.



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