Beelman River Terminals

Serving the Illinois & Kansas Areas

     Beelman River Terminals, Inc. (BRT) began its incorporation on May 20, 1988.  BRT was formed to provide the shipping public with new one-stop opportunities. Our vision was also to expand Beelman’s customer base by reaching new customers through the use of barge and rail transportation.

     In 2002, BRT built the Venice, IL facility from a Greenfield Project.  We built this facility from the ground up.  Then in 2006, we put our innovative ideas to work by designing a new load-out system to move more material between trucks-to-barge.  This major design/build project was completed in 2012.

     Our South Chicago River Terminal was purchased to expand the needs of our customers who shipped their goods through Lake Michigan.  This facility is accessible through the Calumet River and which is two (2) lock free miles from Lake Michigan.  This facility can handle large Lake Vessels and multi barges.

     BRT’s Madison, IL facility is where we receive material by rail car and trans load to trucks by the use of conveyors.  We are capable of holding up to 100 rails cars onsite.  With the future addition of the Norfolk Southern connection, Beelman anticipates future expansion of track and related equipment to be installed to accommodate our rail customers.

     Beelman’s river terminal experience speaks for itself.  BRT currently operates terminals at:  210 Bremen Ave, Venice, IL, 3020 E. 104th Street, South Chicago, IL and 2915 Old Nickel Plate Road, Madison, IL and 51 Silver Ave, Kansas City, KS.  BRT is a one- stop shop for shipping, storing, and transporting commodities. This is the most important advantage shippers seek in their transportation logistics.  With the array of Beelman Companies, suppliers can ship and receive products by truck, rail, and barge.

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